About Me

Hello There!

I could spend my time and yours telling you all about the bands I like, the movie directors I follow, or even that I'm a designer who takes nice pictures with his Canon 7D, but I guess it's either not important, or you've seen a lot of that.

So let's talk about what you want to hear: work.

I’m a perfectionist. As simple as that. Through all my working years no one has demanded and expected more of me than myself. That makes life a lot easier for the companies I work at and for my freelance clients.

Whenever I can, I like to be playful with my artwork. Adding little touches here and there that in the end will add a lot to the piece as a whole. You will see plenty of that on the samples in this folio.

I’m also extremely versatile, whether it is a website for a financial company, a mobile game, a rock band banner or a video edit, I can do it. And I know and even agree to one point that the person who tries to do everything ends up doing nothing properly, but if you look at my work, you’ll see I’ve somehow managed to bust that myth.

I have had the chance to lead small teams on some of the companies I’ve worked for, but I’m yet to officially become a creative director, something I look forward to in the next few years.

Well, now you know a lot about me.

Why don’t you get in touch and we make things even?